Bacon Avocado Leaves Tomato In Club.

This is our take on the traditional Club Sandwich. This sandwich has been the decider of quality room service the world over. Treat yourself to a little me time. A few ingredients have stayed true to the original, but this is how we roll. We like to mix it up once in a while.

The Ingedients:

Famhouse Sliced Pan
Unsmoked Bacon
Rocket and Spinach Leaves
Dijon Mustard
Frank’s Hot Sauce
Black Pepper
Cocktail sticks

The Make:

Soft boil egg. Fry bacon. Slice tomato and avocado. Wash leaves. Mix mayonaise with Frank’s, mustard, salt and pepper. Toast three slices of bread.

The Build:

Take toast. Spread mayonaise on one slice. Place bacon, avocado and tomato on top. Take next slice and spread more of the mayonaise on. Place on top of tomato, dry side down. Now place leaves on top with slices of egg. Add one last slice of toast. Put four cocktail sticks into sandwich, seperating four quarters. Cut between sticks, press together and arrange.


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