Boxset Extras



For when the kids have finally settled down for the night. It’s hard to beat this one whatever your poison is for a decent boxset viewing. Ready in minutes eaten in seconds. Don’t forget to hit the pause button though because it can get messy, especially when you’re trying to follow the subtitles of a gripping Danish political drama.

The Ingredients:

Large packet of tortilla chips
Hot salsa
Black olives sliced
Grated cheddar mozzarella mix

The Make:

Take one large plate. Firstly arrange tortillas on top. Now arrange jalapenoes and olives around. Spoon or pour salsa and guacamole evenly around plate.Top with a generous helping of grated cheese. Place in oven under grill or microwave until cheese has melted. Grill is best as it can brown the edges of the chips giving a smokey aftertaste.


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