Keery Steak Sandwich



Just the other day I was talking with a good friend of mine, Martyn. And I asked him what he would choose for his last ever meal. I know its a bit morbid but these are serious choices we have to make sometime. He chose a Steak Sandwich, and I think he made the right decision. This is definitely  the top dog of sandwiches, it beats a ham and cheese toastie any day.

So here is my take on that classic. And Martyn, if its terminal, I hope you go in your sleep ; )

The Ingredients:

Top quality rib eye steak
Groundnut oil
Ground white pepper
Lemon juice
Rocket and spinach leaves
Tabasco sauce
Pistachio nuts shelled
Rock salt
Fresh floury bap

The Make:

Take pistachios and rock salt, a ratio of 3:1 nuts to salt. Blitz together in a blender. Sweat onion in a pan with the butter and oil. Dress leaves with some oil and lemon juice. Mix some mayonnaise with as much tabasco as you dare, I say don’t hold back, it is your last meal after all. Pan fry steak, aim for medium rare. Rest steak.

The Build:

Slice bap. On one side mayonnaise and on the other tabasco mayonnaise. Slice steak and stack on bap. Sprinkle a generous amount of pistachio salt on steak. Top with onion and dressed leaves. Close bap. Cut in half, just so it doesn’t become a banjo bap.


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