Steamed Fish with Veg and Rice

So here’s another handy way if getting your kids to eat fish and veg. No it’s not battered fish and chips, this is steamed salmon with fresh vegetables and rice. My daughter absolutely loves this dish. It’s made in minutes and it really fills you up.

The Ingredients:

Two Salmon darns (or any fish)
Long grain rice
Two eggs
Fresh peas
Sweet corn
Soy sauce
Fish sauce
Toasted sesame oil
Rice wine vinegar

The Make:

Boil rice. Steam fish. I use a colander, the one used for potatoes . Boil veg. Whisk eggs. Drain rice in sieve. Use same pot from rice and pour in eggs and scramble. Now pour into pot rice and veg. Pour in a tablespoon of the two sauces, oil and vinegar .

The Build:

Serve in a bowl. Flake fish over top. Add more soy over fish if you like.





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