Peppered Monkfish medallions with kale mash and mustard sauce

ImageAs I mentioned on our About page, here is one of the dishes that I wooed Davinia with. I was inspired to make this one lazy morning watching Saturday Kitchen on BBC. James Martin made this a little differently but I feel my cover version does him justice. This is a rich, light dish full of flavour. Perfect for a dinner date.


The Ingredients:

1 large monkfish fillet

1 cup of coarsely ground peppercorns

250ml Glenisk creme fraiche

4 large new potatoes

4 leaves of Curly Kale

3 tsp strong english mustard

4 slices of streaky bacon

1 clove of garlic

1 shallot

50g unsalted butter

1 tsp of dill

A pinch of ground white pepper

Olive oil


The Make:

Boil and peel spuds. Boil and slice kale. Finely slice bacon and fry until crisp. Mash spuds with sliced kale and crisp bacon. Mix in one tbsp of creme fraiche and a pinch of white pepper. Keep mixing until it is smooth. Cover and set aside. Pre heat oven to 180C. Make sure the black sinue is trimmed off  the monkfish as this will make it curl in the pan and split. Coat monkfish generously with the ground peppercorns. In a frying pan add the butter and a slash of olive oil. Carefully place the fish in the pan and seal it all over. Now put pan and fish into the oven for 8 mins. Now in another pan brown off finely diced garlic and onion. Add remaining creme fraiche,mustard and dill. Stir until smooth. Take out fish and let it rest for few minutes. Time to plate up. Neatly spoon some mash onto a plate. Slice monkfish and stack on top of mash. Two to three slices per person. Now spoon sauce around mash.



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