Monkfish balls with peach chutney


We had some leftovers from our monkfish dish and I put them to good use. They were in a pot put aside for the dog. But yet again, I’m sorry Mani, I had to make something out if those amazing ingredients. These a bit if a posh take on sweet and sour chicken balls. Very very moreish.

The ingredients are the same as our previous post, Monkfish medallions, with the addition of the breadcrumb coating.

Take four stale slices of bread and one cup of porridge and blitz in blender. Set aside three bowls. One with the breadcrumb mix, one with a cup of flour seasoned with salt and pepper and the other with two eggs whisked.

Take your monkfish mix and place in fridge for half and hour. When ready coat your hands with some flour and start to roll the mix into neat bitesize balls. Now in this sequence, dip each ball into the flour first , next eggs and last the breadcrumbs. Heat up a litre of vegetable oil and deep fry the balls. The peach chutney is made the same way as our gooseberry chutney. Replace the gooseberries with two peaches chopped and de-stoned.
Serve up the monkfish balls with the peach chutney as a dipping sauce.

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