Hunters Loaf

ImageSo hunting season has started. And my first deer of the season is already butchered and hanging in the fridge. I’ll talk more about that on a later post.

When I go deer stalking I like to prepare my self well for any eventual outcome. This involves making sure I have enough supplies for a long time in the field. Any experienced stalker will tell you, that the quick shoots are few and far between. Last season myself and a good hunting buddy of mine, Phil, left at six in the morning and didn’t return until well after four in the afternoon . We stalked one of the biggest red deer I have come across. The picture is on our blog About page. We had to use a quad,trailer and a length of rope to get that fella out of that boggy field. As I’ve said before the shot is easy, it’s the rest that counts.
This meal is just perfect for a growling stomach in the field as it can be eaten cold and on the move. When I first made it I used an inferior sliced pan which just made it go a little soggy. So go for a quality toasting pan,the thicker the better.
The Ingredients:
400g of sausage meat
1 thick slice pan
1 stick of butter
1 tsp of curry powder
2 tbsp chopped parsley
1 tbsp of chutney (I used my gooseberry chutney but I think Branston pickle could go well here too) 
4 soft boiled eggs
The Make:
Cut the crusts off all of the bread and butter one side of each one. Layer a loaf tin with the buttered bread, making sure the buttered sides are facing the tin. Start along the bottom and then do the sides. Mix meat, curry powder, parsley and chutney in a bowl. Place 4 medium size eggs in pot of cold water and bring to the boil for 3 minutes. Now place them in ice cold water. Peel shells. Now build the loaf. Fill loaf tin a third of the way up with the meat mix. Now gently place the 4 eggs in a row,making sure not to break them. You can now fill the remainder of meat around the eggs leaving enough space for a bread lid. Cook at 160C for around 30 mins or until the centre is 65C to 70C . Allow loaf to come to room temperature and then refrigerate . Slice up and enjoy.

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    Here is an old post of ours. It is one of my favourites and really goes a long way feeding multiple people. Handy for the festive period when there will be more visitors around.This is especially to all my good friends who have newborns this Christmas. Congratulations and cherish every moment. This will be your best Christmas ever.

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