Happy 40th Al

Happy Rockabirthday Al.
We really had a great time on saturday. Sharyn is truly amazing for all she had organised.

Alan and Fat Elvis

Married with Cauldron were asked to make the cake and cupcakes for Alan’s 40 th birthday. Davinia decided to make 40 vanilla buttercream cupcakes and a 12 inch square chocolate biscuit sugar crafted cake.



The theme was rockabilly so we designed the cupcakes with motorcycle edible toppers, thanks to http://www.edibleimages.ie . We also made some sugar craft images of the era to go on top of the cake, the sugar fondant was both at http://www.cakecouture.ie . To think that Davinia is eight months pregnant and was able to fit in the time to make these is unbelievable. She persevered until the job was complete. She really loves this so much. The hours put in to this were worth every bit when we saw how much everyone loved the cake. I even overheard someone say they thought it looked just like a wedding cake. We were very humbled to hear that kind of feedback. It pays off when you get that type if recognition. I have say it really was very exciting prepare the sweets for the party. It gave us a great inside as to what people look for at a function. We are already organising our next job. More on that soon.

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