Apple sherbet candy apples

ImageHalloween is almost here. When we were younger we used to get chocolate apples this time of year. They were awful, made from grannie smiths dipped in cooking chocolate and topped with sprinkles. Here is my version of the perfect halloween candy apple.

The Ingredients:

300g of apple sherbets 

200g sugar

200ml water

60g unsalted butter

2 tps red food colouring

8 Discovery apples

8 lollipop sticks 

The Make:

Blend sweets in a blender into a fine dust. Add sweet dust,water and sugar into a pot. Heat until all the contents have dissolved. Add butter. When butter has melted in add the food colouring. Bring to the boil,stirring often so sugar doesn’t catch on pot. Using a food thermometer bring sugar up to a temp of 110C. Don’t let the sugar go above 110C at 140C it will turn to rock candy,and sure to remove a filling,not good. Take one apple at a time and insert a stick. Now dip into the hot sugar and coat evenly. Let the apples set on some greaseproof paper. Made this way , the candy will be chew and enjoyable. If your sugar has set too hard then the next time you can add a little more butter.


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