Chicken Kale Hotpot

ImageOver the last couple of days stormy weather has been lingering off of the east coast of Ireland. Bringing with it wind,rain and a sudden drop in temperature. This cold weather has us reaching for the hats and scarves when heading outside. And when we come back indoors, to be greeted with a hotpot, is just what the doctor ordered. Kale is one of natures super foods and if I can put it in a dish that the kids will eat, then so be it. A hotpot is great for a one dish meal. They take no time to prepare and take little looking after while cooking. You also get a toasty warm kitchen in the process.

The Ingredients:

3 Chicken breasts

3 large Kale leaves

1 bunch of spinach leaves

1 packet of baby potatoes

20g unsalted butter,chopped into little cubes

1 jar of lasagne white sauce

30g grated white cheddar

1 onion ,finely sliced

1 clove of garlic,finely sliced

1 tps garlic salt

1 tps cracked black pepper

Oil for frying

The Make:

Chop chicken into pieces and brown off. Place cooked chicken at bottom of a casserole dish. Brown off onion and garlic in same pan. Place on top of chicken. Pour white sauce into a large bowl. Season with garlic salt and pepper. Wash kale and spinach. Dry. Tear into bitesize pieces. Mix kale,spinach and cheese with sauce and pour over chicken mix. Wash and slice potatoes. Arrange on top of sauce. Place butter cubes on top evenly. Bake in a 160C oven for 1 hour. 


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