Ultimate beans on toast


When a pregnant momma tells you she is hungry and needs food now, you better act fast. A quick and easy dish with standard larder ingredients is all you need. I can have this dish served up in around 8 minutes. Davinia is expecting our third baby in around 5 weeks time. And this little fella lets Mom know exactly when he is hungry. Long before we got our last baby scan, Davinia knew we were expecting a boy. Cravings for steak,chilli and cheese were the norm. When she was expecting the girls, it was strawberries,orange juice and Evian water. Davinia couldn’t even watch Game of Thrones, especially the slaughter of the bastard sons of Robert Baratheon. With this fella its the complete opposite. I guess carrying a boy really is different to girl. For the last while this little man has been pushing a lot lately and causing Mom quite a bit of discomfort. Its like he can’t wait to meet us. And you know what, Son, we can’t wait to meet you too.

The Ingredients:

Tin of baked beans
2 slices of bread
6 pickled onions
Gruyere cheese
Worcestershire sauce
Chilli flakes
Ground black pepper
Ground sea salt

The Make:

Heat beans in a pot. Slice onions and place on top of one slice of bread. Top with cheese. Shake a generous helping if Worcestershire sauce on cheese. Grill until cheese has melted. Top with other slice of uncooked bread. Return to grill. Plate up sandwich. Cover with beans. Sprinkle with chilli flakes and salt and pepper. I’m telling you this dish will put any hunger pangs to rest.

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