Zingy Zucchini

20131103-175724.jpgCourgette or Zucchini? How will I preserve thee?

By pickling them. Terry, a lad I work with had a bumper crop of courgettes this year. They had grown so big they were almost marrows. I bartered some of my crab apple jelly for some of those homegrown beaut’s. I pickled my batch 3 weeks ago and they are just perfect right now. They have a fiery nudge to them and go great with any meat hot or cold. You can top a burger or a slice of strong cheddar with these pickled courgettes.

The Ingredients:

2 large courgettes
1 litre of distilled vinegar
1 cup of brown sugar
1 chilli chopped
1 shallot chopped
1 tbps mustard seeds
1 bay leaf
Salt and pepper to season
Pinch of saffron for colour

The Make:

Heat mustard seeds in pan to release the intense aroma. Wash and slice courgettes. Add chilli and shallot to pan to soften up. Add courgette and stir. Pour in vinegar and sugar to cover. Simmer. Add bay,saffron and salt and pepper. Now jar up your courgette in a sterilise kilner jar. Let rest in a cool dark place for at 3 weeks to allow the flavours to really develop.

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