Corn Dogs

ImageChristmas started in our house today. We put the tree and decorations up yesterday. And today we sat down and watched The Late Late Toy Show with Abigail. It was hilarious, because every time Ryan or Fergal said ” And there is one for everyone in the audience….” Davinia went ” Awhh for goodness sake, sure they’ll never be able to get home with all those toys”. I have to say though all those Dads going home with the Nerf sniper rifle will be telling their kids that “They can falafel right off. This is mine”.

So for snacks I made a brunch type off dish. During the week I made a lot of corn bread and am now hooked. Thanks partly to Heston whose ultimate chilli con carne I made(more of this soon) and of course Thanksgiving itself. You won’t taste a nicer batter.

The Ingredients:

6 butcher sausages( big ones)

250g flour

250g caster sugar

4 eggs

1tsp baking powder

250g unsalted butter

1 tin of sweetcorn

100ml cream

Canola oil

6 bamboo kebab skewers

The Make:

Brown off sausages and leave sit on some kitchen roll. Drain sweetcorn and heat up in a frying pan. Once soft add the cream. Once cream starts to foam or bubble take it off the heat. Blitz corn in a food processor. Pass through a sieve to remove any of the skin and to ensure a creamy smooth texture. Melt butter in a pan to create a beurre noisette. Sift flour into a large bowl. Add sugar. Whisk up the 4 eggs and add. Pour in the beurre noisette and keep whisking until everything is glossy and smooth. Place each sausage onto a skewer and dip into the batter. Deep fry each until golden. Drain on kitchen roll. Serve with ketchup and enjoy.




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