Spaghetti Dog


This is a fun dish to make for the kids. You can hide umpteen amounts of veg in the sauce. And making it couldn’t be easier. If you are on a budget you will find that this is relatively cheap to buy and will feed a small army.

My brother, Karl (a recession emigrant) is working in a restaurant in the Cayman Islands. He sent me this cool idea for cooking pasta. So I can’t claim ownership of the idea. I will say though, that for the first time in ages there was near silence at the dinner table. Pretty rare with three young kids.

The Ingredients:

Spaghetti pasta
1 pack of Frankfurters
Bolognese sauce
1 white onion

The Make:

Chop frankfurters into 1 inch pieces. Take bundles of around five spaghetti sticks and skewer on frankfurter pieces just like a kebab. Boil spaghetti as normal. Add in some loose spaghetti for testing when the pasta is done. Heat oil in pan. Add lardons and onion. Once crisp add sauce. Check out our previous post ” Spag Bol, family style” for recipe. Or you could boil your chosen veg and blitz it with a tin of tomatoes for a wholesome sauce. Once pasta is ready spoon over sauce and Enjoy. See below for help.



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