Wild garlic and blue cheese pizza


Today myself and the girls went foraging for wild garlic. It is in full bloom right now. And believe me, you can smell it before you see it. Like us just follow your sniffer to this culinary heaven. You can use wild garlic in almost any dish where you would use bulb garlic. Be sure to thoroughly wash it before use or storage though. This fragrant leaf freezes very well so you can stock pile it for a later date.

Last year I made a clay oven. And now that the fine weather has kicked in, we have been having pizza cook off’s since. The recipes I will share with you here soon. I will also post a guide of how I made my oven. Stay ready for more soon.

The Ingredients:

10 wild garlic leaves
1 portobello mushroom
Cashel blue cheese
Tomato puree
Mozzarella cheese
Salt and pepper

Pizza Dough
450g white flour
1 tsp granulated sugar
Good pinch of salt
1 sachet (7g) fast acting yeast
300ml warm water
1 tbsp Olive oil
Semolina for dusting

The Make:

De-stalk mushroom. Use a tablespoon to remove the dark brown gills of the mushroom. Brush mushroom with kitchen towel to remove any compost. Cover mushroom with olive oil and oven back for 8 mins at 200C. I’m talking clay oven temps here. Conventional oven temp would be 170C. Add pizza dough ingredients to a mixing bowl. Be sure to combine yeast with water first to assure an even mix. Using a dough hook mix until you have a smooth dough. Remove dough to a floured surface and knead for a further few moments. Oil a large bowl and place in dough, this prevents sticking. Cover with cling film and let rise for at least an hour. The dough should at least double in size. Slice wild garlic and mushroom. Take a handful of dough and roll out as thin as you like. Use semolina for dusting. Spread with tomato paste. Arrange pizza with mushroom and sliced wild garlic. Crumble blue cheese on top. Add a sprinkle of grated mozzarella and seasoning. Cook in clay oven for 8 to 10 mins or up to 25 mins in a conventional one.

1 thought on “Wild garlic and blue cheese pizza

  1. I will be interested in seeing your oven. We are planning to build one this year – once the greenhouse is finished – and can’t wait to use it. Your pizza looks fantastic. And good for you for teaching your children to forage for delicacies. I’m sure those lessons will serve them well always.

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