Steamed hake with apple salad served with pickled onion blue cheese


This sounds unusual and some may even say it is a stoners delight. A healthy one at that. It’ll beat delivery pizza anytime. But believe me this works. It is a pretty easy dish to make and takes little time to put together.

The Ingredients:

1 apple ( Cox’s or Royal gala)
1 packet ceaser salad
1 fillet hake
100g blue cheese ( Cashel blue)
1 packet Meanies( pickled onion snacks)

The Make:

Crumble cheese into a bowl. Crush Meanies. Mix cheese and Meanies together in bowl. Pour out mix onto cling film. Roll up mix like a Christmas cracker. Chill in the fridge 10 mins. Chop apple into matchstick size pieces. Mix apple with ceaser dressing from packet. Steam hake using a bamboo steamer. Now it’s time to build the dish. Place lettuce from packet on plate. Next ceaser apple. Next the hake. Finish with a generous medallion of the cheese. Enjoy.

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