Christmas 2014

IMG_7058We moved into our home nine years ago and every year since, we have being celebrating Christmas at our parents homes. Christmas, December 2014, was the first at our own home. Now that our family is complete we felt it was only right to stay here and cook for our family. We were joined by my parents Michael and Pauline, my brother Ken and his partner Elaine with their little boss Bruce. And my uncle Desi travelled over from London to join us too. We also set up a little memorial shrine for Kathleen Morgan, a very close friend of the family, who passed away in February. Kathleen lived on her own and had no known living relatives. She was an absolute laugh, she had the foulest language and made any gathering a memorable one. As adolescents growing up myself and my brothers used to get great craic out of her swearing. She would sit at the table with her pint of Bacardi and Coke waiting for her moment to be brought outside for her Major cigarette. Kathleen had a very hard life. She was orphaned at a young age and was raised in workhouses until the nuns of Mount Carmel Hospital, The Little Company of Mary, employed her in the laundry in the 1960’s. It was here were my Mom met her. My Mother was a midwife there for nearly forty years. Kathleen used to call me her son and she will always be remembered by me as my Other Mother. I love you to bits Kathleen.


Christmas dinner was particularly special in 2014 as we going to cook our very own turkey. We went all out for our very special guests. Here is the menu.


Melon with prociutto ( pictured in table arrangement )

Boursin cheese omelette with asparagus spear


Watermelon and menthol sorbet


Main Course

Turkey Hubba hubba


Dr Pepper Ham


Spiced Beef ( a Dublin favourite )


All the trimmings,

Roast spuds


Brussels sprouts with pancetta


Red cabbage


Honey and mustard roast parsnips


Sweet potato and marshmallow


Carrot boiled in sugar-water


Gravy ( made from turkey tray )


Ta Da


Like most houses, as if this wasn’t enough, we followed this after Christmas presents giving of course.


With pudding.


Most importantly though, Ken got what he always wanted.


Good times, good memories. Christmas Day December 2014.


Photo Bomb


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