Turkey and Dr Pepper Ham Frittata with Applewood Cheddar ( leftover special )


Here’s a leftover special. Not much use now that Christmas is over. But keep it in mind for the day after your next big family meal. This could work with a Sunday roast leftovers too. Take some inspiration and go for it.

Tablespoon of olive oil
Sweet potato chopped
1 cup steamed spinach
Turkey chopped
6 slices of Dr Pepper Ham chopped
1 white onion chopped
250ml double cream
8 large organic eggs
Tsp of Maldon flaked salt
Tsp of black pepper
Tsp of herb seasoning
150g Applewood Cheddar

Boil chopped sweet potato until it is cooked through. Pat out spinach, dab dry and pull apart so it is easy to sprinkle. In a large frying pan fry onion and ham in olive oil for approx. 6 mins. Add the Turkey and sweet potato to the pan, season with salt, pepper and herb and fry for a further 5 mins. Whisk the eggs and double cream. Sprinkle layer of spinach into the pan. Pour over egg mixture and reduce heat. Grate Applewood cheddar and sprinkle across the top. Once frittata starts to set transfer to oven grill for a further 5 mins or until golden brown and set in the middle.

Enjoy hot or cold.


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