Wild garlic with nettles and mushroom broth


Wild garlic is in season right now. This time of year our family heads out to forage for this wonderful plant. In all fairness we don’t have to look far because where we go it grows in abundance. Once you start tearing at the leaves the smell that fills the air sends your culinary senses into overdrive. All I could think of was the endless dishes I could cook with it. Some melted butter in a pan with a steak or mixed up with some stinky cheese on cracker. Just go for what feels best. Be sure to clean any food you forage for out in the wild as plenty of vermin have ample opportunity to get near what you are looking for.

Today I went for straight forward broth. It takes minutes to do. So for instant nourishment you should give it a go.


The ingredients:

1 litre of water

1 vegetable stock cube

10 leaves wild garlic

10 nettle leaves

Dried mushrooms ( or freshly foraged mushrooms )

Maldon sea salt for taste

The make:

Bring water to a simmer. Add stock cube and stir. Chiffonade wild garlic and nettle leaves and then add them to the simmering stock. Now add the mushrooms and cook until tender. If your broth needs it add a little salt for taste. Serve with some warm crusty bread and enjoy.

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