Our Allotment ( The story so far )

Here is the story so far. Back in September 2014 we took on the lease of an allotment with the intention of using the produce for our blog. This slideshow is just a snippet of what we have done. We have built a chicken coop to house a dozen chickens. And there will be more to come such is the demand for our free range organic eggs. I put in a water harvester on the coop to make the best use of all the rainwater we get here in Ireland. We made a pig sty for our two Large White pigs, which arrived 4 weeks ago. These two sows have settled in seamlessly. These two girls are putting on weight every day. They are getting the best of food daily from rolled barley to apple pomace and pig fattener pellets. The pomace comes courtesy of our good friends at Dan Kelly Cider, Olan and Fiona. Thanks again guys. We will keep the pigs until the end of June. When they should be a good weight to be butchered. And I can already imagine the flavour of that meat.

The spuds are planted. The chilli plants are coming along great. The girls have sown their peas and beans in the polytunnel. Also in the poly is our onions, elephant garlic and strawberries. My hops plant is coming on slowly at home. Fingers crossed for homebrew.

We have put in stellar work around there. It really is a full-time job. Being responsible for livestock is a serious thing and you owe it to the animals to give them the best care possible. The return will be in the final product. I think the girls have a really good understanding of where their food comes from now. Any chance they get to jump in a muddy puddle around there they do. Which is great to see. Every minute they are kept away from television or off the streets is priceless. I really hope when they grow older they will appreciate the experiences we have put in place for them. Someday soon we will be driving a Massey Ferguson on our own farm. This is just the internship.

Keep following us on our farming journey and share our story with your friends.

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