With Hogs and Coddles 

Today we get to spend St Patricks Day in the small village of Ballyporeen in the heart of the Avondhu Valley, South Tipperary. We are here not only to celebrate St Patricks Day but the 2nd anniversary of our Married with Cauldron food blog. Ballyporeen is a beautiful little village with spectacular views of both the Knockmealdown and Galtee mountains. It is here were a huge part of Rob’s passion grew for home cooked food and the appreciation for the art of preparing and butchering meat. His Grandfather, John Joe Fitzgerald, was the village butcher. Rob’s Uncle John Fitzgerald went on to become a very fine craft butcher too. And this is who taught Rob much of his butchery skills he has today. Ballyporeen is seeped in family history for Rob with his parents being born and bred here in the village. Also former U.S. President Ronald Reagan came here in 1984 in search of his own ancestors and of course a creamy pint of Guinness. Ballyporeen has become a second home to us. And we visit here with the kids as often as we can. We always take the time on each trip to venture further south to the English Market in Cork City to discover all the culinary magic it has to offer. This market really is a food bloggers paradise with so much fresh produce to choose from. It has everything you need to create the perfect gastronomic dish. This market is so renowned it was marked as a special place to visit by Queen Elizabeth II on her recent trip to Ireland. Once here, a must for me is to have one of O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausage Rolls with all the trimmings. This roll is unbelievably good, you have to try it. The range of award winning craft sausages they produce here are outstanding. And this is what inspired me to create our next dish which is my take on the traditional Dublin Coddle. In light of St Patrick’s Day we wanted to create a dish indigenous to Ireland or really Dublin, our own birth place. It is imperative that you use a really good quality sausage for this dish as it is the solo of the dish and should sing for itself. This dish is king of the castle in comfort food. 

And it is with “hogs and coddles” we wish to thank all of our loyal followers, friends and family for all of your support in helping this food blog get to where it is today. This is just our internship. Big things are coming. So keep following our Irish cooking family for inspiration in the kitchen.

Happy St Patrick’s Day from Married with Cauldron.

The Ingredients:

3 tbsp Sunflower Oil

3 small red onions

3 small white onions

3 cloves of garlic whole

Flynn’s Gourmet Sausages (3 Black Pudding & Apple, 3 Bacon & Cabbage) or a similar craft sausage

5 large organic potatoes

2 large organic carrots

1 small turnip

4 baby leeks

1 sweet red apple



500ml chicken stock

500ml Dan Kelly’s Craft Cider

The Make:

Chop onions and sauté in the casserole dish with sunflower oil and crushed garlic cloves. Remove the sautéed onions and garlic to a bowl. Brown off the sausage meat in the casserole dish and then add back the sautéed onions, 500 ml of chicken stock, potatoes, parsley, thyme and cider.

Allow to cook in the oven for approx 40 mins at 180C in a fan oven. Remove pot from oven and add carrots, turnip, baby leeks and sweet red apple and place back in for the final 30 mins. This allows the smaller veg to hold their shape and not cook to a mush.


1 thought on “With Hogs and Coddles 

  1. Love ur page. I reckon there is a book in there somewhere. Where you would get the time I don’t know. I remember Rob telling me about his uncle s butchers shop ,I think it was off North Circular Rd ir Cobra area. It’s funny how some things are just in your blood. Enjoy ur trip.

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