Butter-basted cod with smoked leek marmalade

IMG_8162With the fine weather here now, BBQ’s are being dusted off and cleaned ready for some tasty al-fresco dining. Sometimes, once you have finished cooking, the coals in the BBQ go to waste, burning away to ash. I like to use charcoal lump wood with no paraffin when cooking. So as not to get that toxic odour you do from some coals. Next time when your coals are burning away, try smoking some vegetables. I chose leeks as the smokey hickory flavour from the coals goes really well together. This marmalade is so versatile it can be served with almost anything. It can be a topping for burgers, or with cheese and crackers or on a salad. Find your favourite way.

The Ingredients:

3 large leeks

Tin foil

Butter for greasing

50ml cider vinegar

150g caster sugar

2 cod fillets

Baby leaf salad

Smoked salmon for garnish

150g butter for basting

Salt and Peeper for seasoning

The Make:

Wash leeks thoroughly under a cold tap to remove any grit. Liberally grease each leek with butter. Snuggly wrap the leeks together in a tin-foil envelope. Place leeks onto BBQ making sure to turn them often. You will know when they are ready when they feel a little squishy to touch. Remove leeks from foil and peel away the outside leaf if they got too scorched. Slice leeks thinly and put in to a pot. Add vinegar and sugar and bring pot up to a simmer. Season now with salt and pepper. Keep simmering until you have cooked away most of the liquid. The leeks should take on a thick consistency now. Spoon leeks into sterilised jars and seal them with lids. Once the seal of the jar is not broken this marmalade should keep for six months or more. Melt butter in a large pan. Place in cod fillets, careful not to burn yourself. Using a metal spoon continuously baste the fish. You will know when the cod is done when it firms up and starts to flake away. This can take up to 15 to 20 mins. Serve cod on a handful of baby leaf salad with a generous dollop of leek marmalade. Garnish with some smoked salmon. Enjoy.

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