Homemade Butter

Today I made my very own butter and it tastes like success. C.R.E.A.M Cash rules everything around me, dollar dollar bills y’all. Yesterday I got my hands on some raw milk from my local dairy farmer, David Smith. I had a 3 litre bottle filled with the most beautiful white nectar which had been milked straight from the cow. Once I arrived home I let this probiotic goodness sit in the fridge overnight to allow the cream to rise to the top.

If you look closely you will see exactly where the cream and milk separate. There are many ways homesteaders separate the two. One is using a ladle and carefully skimming off the cream. Or you could leave your milk in a large glass Mason jar with a tap at the bottom and slowly release the milk into a separate jug. Because I stored mine in a plastic milk carton I decided to pierce a hole at the bottom and let the milk drain into a bowl. I watched eagle-eyed as the cream level reached the bottom of the carton. When the milk had separated I immediately plugged the dyke with my finger. Making sure not to spill a drop. I would loved to of had an old fashioned butter churn just like our grandparents probably used but for now technology was the only option.

I poured this tremendous thick cream into a food processor a set the dial to medium spin. This part can take a while but believe me it is worth the wait. Just when you think nothing is happening but only milky goodness spinning, the magic starts to happen.

It will look like whipping cream but don’t stop here, cover it and keep on spinning a little longer. You will now see the milk solids separate from the buttermilk.

You can now pour off the buttermilk and set aside. Using a wooden spoon I pressed the solids together.

Rinse your butter under cold water to remove any further buttermilk. This will also help your butter to keep longer and not turn bad. I added a pinch of Maldon sea salt for a little seasoning. But you really don’t need to because this golden butter tastes outstanding on its own. If you are not convinced at least check this out:

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