Padron de pimento 

Padron de pimento is a tapa originally from Galicia in Spain. It is little green peppers deep fried and sprinkled with salt to eat whole. There will always be one whopper of a pepper in each batch owing to the name Padron meaning Godfather. They are the perfect snack with a cold glass of beer. This year one of our chilli plants grew an abundance of green chillies. Most of them are sweet with a hot after taste, others are spicy with a kick. Eating Padron de pimentos can be a little like Russian roulette albeit without the mortal risk. Give it a try.

The Ingredients:

Bunch of chillies

Sunflower oil for deep frying 

Maldon sea salt 

The Make:

Heat up oil for deep frying. Fry chillies for a couple of minutes until the skin starts to crisp. Drain chillies on kitchen paper season with salt and serve. Enjoy.

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