Snap, crackle and scratch

We had some of our family around the other day for a taste of our fabulous pork. I cooked a cut of pork belly and served it pulled pork style. There was very little leftover but I did have a nice piece of pig skin leftover as not all of the skin had crackled in the cooking and it was too good to waste. I recently tasted a shop bought pork scratchings and it tasted like saw dust. I was very disappointed because I really like a good scratch with a cold beverage. The challenge began. My pork scratchings were going to be epic. I already had the seasoned rub on the skin so it was half-way to perfection. I cut the skin into bite size portions and deep fried them in sunflower oil for not more than 60 seconds. After drying the scratchings on paper towels I seasoned them with a little sea salt, paprika and sugar. Even when they were in the bowl you could still hear them pop and crackle. Maybe this weekend you can give this a go and enjoy these scratchings with a nice cold glass of autumnal  Dan Kelly’s Cider.

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