Fillet steak stuffed with oysters


This posh surf n’ turf is a perfect meal for the romantic out there looking to impress that special person with something different. And this aphrodisiac rich meal ticks all the boxes for that special meal. The rule when it comes to oysters is, as long as there is an “r” in the month you can eat oysters. From May to the end of August oysters are breeding and won’t be as meaty as they are right now. If you can’t bring yourself to shucking oysters and slurping the juice down, then this is a great alternative. Accompany this meal with some fine Prosecco and a nice bottle of red Bordeaux. Finish off with chocolate of course. Bubbles, oysters, red meat, chocolate and good company are the perfect recipe for that Valentines Day dinner that will count. **Disclaimer** This is baby making food.


2 inch thick fillet steaks

2 oysters

Groundnut oil

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1 tbsp Maple syrup

Maldon sea salt

Cracked black pepper

The Make:

It’s best to fry your steak using a heavy duty, thick based frying pan, ideally you could use a heavy griddle pan or skillet. These types of pans get really hot and are ideal for getting that slightly sweet, charred finish to the outside of your meat.

Firstly prepare the oysters. Using a blunt strong knife open the oysters carefully. Do this by placing an oyster, curved side down with the pointed end towards you in a folded tea towel for a safe grip. Hold it in your non-dominant hand and using your knife find the joining between the top and bottom shells. If you are left-handed enter the shell at the 8 o’clock position and for right-handed enter at 5 o’clock. As you do this you should severe the adductor muscle and the shells will begin to separate. Try not to spill any of the oyster liquor while doing this. Use your knife to remove the oyster meat from the shell, keeping the meat intact.

Take one of the fillet steaks and make a cut on the side, creating a little pocket. Place the oyster inside the steak. Repeat this process with the other steak. Rub some groundnut oil on the outside of the steak and season with salt and pepper. Heat your pan until it is smoking hot. Place steak into the pan, one at time so not to crowd the pan. For medium-rare cook for 3 mins on each side. Times will vary upwards for a more well-done steak. When the steak is cooked let it rest on a heated plate for 5 mins. When the second steak is resting add the oyster liquor to the pan with a little red wine and reduce to make a gravy. Add equal parts dijon mustard and maple syrup to a bowl and mix into a smooth paste. Brush this paste on top of each steak. Serve with homemade chips and steamed broccoli. Enjoy.


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