December Newsletter πŸŽ„

Hi guys. Here is our December newsletter. Listed below are the best of what is interesting us at the moment.

YouTube Clip

I have mentioned before on the blog about my family connections in Ballyporeen County Tipperary. Here’s a link to an amazing video detailing the history such a beautiful part of the Avondu valley.




Tim Ferriss has been an inspiration of mine for a long time now. From his podcasts, books and experiments I have learnt so many life hacks. His latest book has just been released. Unfortunately for me I can’t read it until Christmas Day as the kids got it for me as a gift. Beats underwear and socks any day.

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers



Ever since my little girls could talk we have been singing. As a Dad of girls, I have fully embraced my inner pop music fan. Everything from Katy Perry to Sia gets sung in our house. Below is our current kitchen album. We love to listen to this while cooking. I have even printed the lyrics out for the girls so they can learn the songs. All I can say is that the lessons on this album are about standing up for yourself, having courage and being confident. There is not one swear word or instruction to shake your booty. Perfect for my warriors.

This is Acting by Sia



This is a clever tool. At Christmas most people drink far too much. This calculator tells you exactly how many calories you consume. Warning, it can come as a shock how many calories are actually in your alcoholic drink.

Drink Calculator


I came across this website after hearing the wonderful Abigail Wald an instructor at Hand in Hand Parenting interviewed on the Truth Barrel podcast. Nobody tells you how to be parent. Your child is born and suddenly you just are. Some people fly out the gates at parenting and some people struggle to grasp any control at all. This website contains tools, real stories and lessons to help ease the job.

Hand in Hand Parenting

On the subject of parenting I couldn’t go much further without mentioning my fabulous sister in-law Sharyn Hayden. Sharyn writes for and she runs her very own parenting website Sharyn is one of the busiest people I know. Not only did she get married this month, she launched Ireland’s latest subscription site. If you are looking for an amazing gift this Christmas to treat a new mammy or your own mammy follow the link below for more information.

Mum’s Box

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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