Mince pie Irish coffee 

If you’re looking for a festive drink this Christmas then look no further. This is strictly for the adults. At this time of year a lot of people worry about how many mince pies they eat. And in January they blame that extra belt size on these little delights. ” Who ate all the pies? You f** b******.” So why not drink them instead without any guilt.


2 jars of mince pie meat

400 mls of water




The Make:

Empty jars of mince meat into a pot. Add water and bring to a gentle simmer until mixture is all loose and easy to stir. Pour mixture into a food processor and blitz until smooth. Add more water if needed. Pass mixture through a sieve to ensure that you have a smooth paste. You can now jar this paste for use over the holidays. You can even spoon it over ice cream and lift any Christmas dessert. Now for the important bit. Get yourself two heat resistant glasses. Make some fresh brewed coffee. Add a shot of whiskey into each glass and one teaspoon of the mince pie mixture. Pour in coffee into each glass and stir. Make sure to allow for a top up of whipped cream.


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