Tequila Prawns

We are all about seafood at the moment. We generally eat pretty well in our house but we always seem to lack on eating enough seafood. Which is unusual because it is the first thing we order when we eat out at a restaurant. Part of the reason I feel, is the lack of trust I feel when I see fish for sale in a supermarket. Is the fish fresh? Where and how was it caught? And why does it seem so expensive for what you get?. We live very close to the Irish Sea and to one of the eastern seaboards finest ports ‘Clogherhead’. Seamus Dunne is a wholesale fishmonger who supplies most of the restaurants of Drogheda. His fish is sourced fresh and prepared at his premises right on the pier at Clogherhead. Seamus works with his son ‘Kenneth’ descaling and cutting up a wide variety of fish. This family run business is everything we believe in here at our house. These guys are hardworking men who strive to get the best out of their products. I was put in touch with Seamus by his other son ‘James’ who has become a beer making buddy of mine. We often compare notes on our recent brewing samples. Last week I made the short trip out to the pier to pick up some fresh fish. I brought the family so they could see exactly where the fish is prepared. The variety of fish alone was impressive. It beats the 3 varieties normally offered in supermarkets.  Watch this space for more fish recipes this week. We are armed with the finest. 

The Ingredients:

20 Prawns (peeled and butterflied)

1 pink onion 

3 large spring onions 

8 cherry tomatoes 

1 tbsp tomato purée 

Juice of 1 lime

100mls Tequila 

100g unsalted butter 

1 tsp paprika 

1 tsp honey 

Basmati rice 

Fresh coriander to serve 

The Make:

Finely chop onions and tomatoes. Soften onions in a deep frying pan with butter and paprika. Add in chopped tomatoes and tomato purée and simmer gently. Now pour in lime juice and sugar. Simmer. Add in prawns. When prawns are almost cooked pour in Tequila. Flambé the tequila carefully.

Once the prawns are cooked serve up dish with steamed rice and fresh coriander.

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