Rainbow trout salad

Rainbow trout is a delicious fish to eat. It has a delicate pink meat with a smooth texture, very pleasant to eat. It has a sweet flavour to it making it very easy to pair with other ingredients. This fish can be complimented by any means of cooking from a honey roasted fish or a peat smoked fish. In this case we have steamed it in a foil parcel. This method is our go to way of cooking fish because it is impossible to mess up. Some people feel intimidated by cooking fish. There is no need to using this technique. In your foil parcel you can put butter and some aromatics like lemon, lime, chillies or bay leaf. You can also add fresh herbs like dill and coriander. Accompanied by a fresh garden salad of spinach, kale, rocket and tomato all of which have picked from our garden and you have a happy little meal. 


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