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“Another year over and a new one just begun”. John Lennon was right about a lot of things and especially about Christmas. Time absolutely flies by when you have 3 young kids. They’re exciting little lives move at light speed compared to ours and this is what keeps us feeling young or wrecked, one feeling is merging into the other it’s beginning to feel normal these days. The anticipation in our house at the moment waiting for Santa Claus’ arrival is incredible. This is definitely going to be the most memorable one yet. The kids can’t wait and neither can we. We almost had snow this weekend in Co. Louth but it just didn’t make it this far. The Midlands got a nice little downfall but all we got was frostbite. I bought a sleigh for the kids (really me) back in 2010 and it has yet to see snow. I love the snow, I have nothing but fond memories of growing up in Dundrum Co. Dublin and heading up to Stackstown Golf Course during the annual snow fall only to be chased off the fairways by a Grinch, good times. Now I’m a little older and would probably be locked up if I tried it today. You never know though, you can’t beat a good chase to get the  blood flowing.

I was going through our recipe for Eccles cakes yesterday and decided to put together a post of festive food. Below you will find links to some of our most popular ones. Enjoy.

Mince Pie Irish Coffee

Eccles Cakes

Candy Cane meringue pie

Leftovers Terrine

Turkey Frittata

Hunters Loaf

Remy & Linguini’s Soup


On a side note, it seems every other person is an artisan of food these days and although that is good in showing the creativity out there it takes away from the genuineness of what it is to shop local. I recently paid €16 for a coffee, kids hot chocolate and two hand made buns in Co. Louth. This was a bit much of a bill to pay if it wasn’t for the awesome company of one of my kids we may have walked. We might be out of a recession with these prices but we are a little wiser with our spending and know what is quality over quantity.

Have a Merry Christmas and thank you so much for following and supporting us over the last couple of years. As you know our blog is a collection of some of our favourite recipes that we want to archive and share with you. We don’t do restaurant reviews or product test items. We just enjoy everything there is to do with food. Although our posts have slowed down of late our passion certainly hasn’t.

Stay tuned to us in 2018 for a food journey worth taking.

2 thoughts on “Christmas recipes

  1. I will be making my version of your eccles cakes this week – they really are popular in our household. I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and New Year!

    • Thanks so much for your interest Hilda. It’s great to know we reach Canada. Enjoy with a little of your epic maple syrup. Happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours too.

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