West Carn Irish Raw Honey

This raw honey is 100% Irish. It is pure, local and natural. Nothing has been added. It has not been pasteurised. This honey is not a blend of honey from EU and Non-EU countries. It does carry over 1000 air miles though, from the bees flying from flower to flower gathering nectar to make this beautiful jar of amber sweetness. It is a spring blossom honey made from dandelion flowers, sycamore, fruit trees and other plants that had a nectar flow in spring of this year. The frames of honey were removed from the hives when they were fully capped. Capped honeycomb ensures that the honey is ripe and ready for extraction. I use a capping fork to scrape the tops of the honeycomb and then place the frames into an extractor to spin off the honey. The extracted honey is then passed through a double fine mesh sieve to capture any fragments of wax. The filtered honey is left to settle over night and then poured into sterilized jars. It contains traces of pollen and propolis (tree resin used as a glue by the bees to fill small gaps) Propolis has anti-microbial properties and helps prevent diseases and parasites from entering the hive. It is also used to inhibit fungal and bacterial growth within the hive. 

The apiary is based in West Carn, a townland on the outskirts of Duleek Co. Meath. Over looking the apiary are the ruins of AthCarne Castle. It is believed that King James II slept here on his way to the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 as the castle is only 9.5 kilometres from the battlefield. 

My preferred way to have this honey is on porridge in the morning. I freeze a quartered lemon over night. In the morning I grate a teaspoon of the frozen lemon on to the hot porridge with a microplane grater. I add a pinch of mixed spice, a few blueberries with a tablespoon of honey and stir. Enjoy.

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I am registered with the Dept.of Agriculture, Food & Marine and The Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association.

Capped honey
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Beekeeper Robert Fitzgerald

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