We are an Irish family who Cook, Bake, Hunt and Eat. Mom bakes. Dad cooks. Kids eat and of course Dog eats too. We live in Drogheda Co. Louth right in the centre of the Boyne Valley. We are very passionate about food and all that involves with getting it. We have rented an allotment and used our backyard, where we raised livestock and grew vegetables for the table. All done to help us fulfill the dream of becoming farmers with a strong passion for Food. We forage for seasonal ingredients for our recipes, be it crab apples for jam or hops for beer. We also hunt for some of the best venison this country has to offer. All of our recipes and photographs are our own. Follow our Irish Food Blog and be kept updated with our journey to becoming self reliant on our own farm someday. We hope you get inspired by our experience.

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My name is Rob Fitzgerald. I am originally from Dublin. My interest in food started at a very young age. My Mom always baked and my Dad loves to throw a good dinner party. Every meal was homemade. This is where the start of my passion for food began. When I was sixteen I was watching television cooking shows for inspiration. BBC’s Ready Steady Cook was the best. I can still hear the theme tune. Seeing what James Martin, Ainsely Harriott and Antony Worrall Thompson could cook with £5.00 worth of food really amazed me. My Mom was a midwife and often worked nights and my Dad was a secondary school teacher who taught after school classes. Being the eldest of three, dinner was often left for me to prepare. This was when I got my confidence experimenting with different ingredients and cooking styles. As I got older the interest in food grew. One of my first jobs was a kitchen porter in The Pepper Canister in Stillorgan. The heat and bustle in a working kitchen is intense and a little addictive, the adrenaline rush of having to be alert and ready to go. I also worked as a waiter in Roly’s Bistro in Ballsbridge for a short while. It was here that I saw some of Dublins elite dine, an envious treat I have yet to have. The interest in food was never really too far from me. I met Davinia in 1999 and I am convinced I wooed her with a picnic at Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow. Food is a powerful thing. It draws up so many emotions. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and for a vegetarian it’s through his vagina. Culinary school never came knocking though. After a brief start in graphic design I ended up studying to become a paramedic and have been working in the emergency services for the last 17 years.

I started hunting around ten years ago. The idea of providing for my family and honing in on my husbandry skills really appealed to me. I hunt deer and almost all game birds. I prepare and butcher all my own meat. My brother-in-law Alan, who is a refrigeration technician, helped me get my own chiller, which I use to hang the meat. The whole concept of field to fork has to be one of the most rewarding parts of my cooking. We have used an allotment where we raised livestock such as pigs and geese. We also have reared a dozen chickens that layed eggs for our baking and cooking needs. We grow a huge variety of vegetables in a poly tunnel in our back garden during the finer months. We will pickle, preserve and ferment most of these vegetables so they can be used in future dishes. I have a vey big interest in prepping and all things survival related for the moment WTSHTF (when the shit hits the fan). Learning new skills like husbandry or gardening can really help take care of you and your family. Not having to rely on anyone is a very fulfilling feeling. In 2012 I started practising MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, these are some of the fastest growing sports in the world. I wish I had found these sports when is was 16. These new set of skills have given me a great way to keep fit and be prepared. If you don’t know how you are going to react in a pressured unpredictable situation then you have already lost. Needless to say, but The Walking Dead is very popular in our house. The kids are too young to watch it but when they are old enough I will enjoy every episode with them. The lessons in this show are unbelievable. Forget about the zombies for a moment and see that in a real apocalyptic situation its humans that are the real worry. Being under prepared can kill you. My full-time job exposes me to very stressful encounters on a near daily basis. With 18 years experience dealing with life threatening emergencies I am able to keep a calm head allowing me to deal with the situation very capably. This experience alone has given me the phycological head start when everyone else is flapping and being distracted when things get tough. Take a mass casualty situation for instance. Which can be absolute chaos. The first thing you want to do is protect your family. Well, if you’re freaking out and losing your nerve then you have already put them at risk. So get ready for that possible day with a little preparation. This is the very nature of prepping.


Back to cooking. I have always wanted to create a cookbook that I could hand down to my children. I didn’t like the idea of a scrapbook that would eventually end up being held together with sellotape or worse destroyed in an unfortunate accident. With the help of WordPress I decided to create one virtually as a foodblog. On the 19th March 2013 I made it happen, with the help of my beautiful wife of course. And it has been an amazing food journey so far.


My name is Davinia Fitzgerald. I never really had to cook growing up because my Mum did all the cooking. I come from a large family of 12 children and in our house there was always a never-ending pot of stew on the hob. I only really learned how to cook when I met the love of my life, Robert, now my husband. He taught me so much about food and the art of cooking.  And yes he did woo me on a picnic at Brittas Bay when he made me the most fabulous picnic of tuna surrounded by beef tomato, lemon chicken, potato salad, homemade olive bread and coffee eclairs all washed down with some strawberries and champagne.

I have always been passionate about baking. I am a self taught baker and have been baking for many years now. Baking really soothes and relaxes me and I am at my happiest when I am baking. The aroma of cakes and buns of all variations wafting through the house gives a wonderful sense of comfort and home. I am constantly working on new recipes and I plan on writing my own little book of cakes someday.
Abigail our 7 year old daughter loves baking and is always by my side to lend a helping hand, her favourite part of course is sampling the chocolate covered spoon or consuming half the decorations for the cupcakes just to make sure they taste ok. I like to explain everything to her so she understands. I overheard her one day explaining to her friends how to bake fruit scones and what ingredients they would need and it made me laugh to myself, her instructions were commendable.  There is a baker in her for sure.  She already has a great palate for food and loves cooking with Dad. The only thing she is not so keen on is spicy food.  But on her fourth birthday she asked Dad could she taste his homemade ketchup, which is actually quite spicy.   She loved it and said ” I can eat that now because I am four.” Abigail has high ambitions and told us that when she grows up she wants to be a Ballerina, a Chef and a Policewoman. Over the years Abigail has shown a real interest in hunting and loves to join Dad on the mountain.
Harriet is our little 4 year old home ruler and future achiever. She loves to bake with Mom and is always very curious about the ingredients. Harriet is a real a matter of fact girl. She know’s exactly what she wants. Her growing interest in food is fantastic to see.
Malcolm is our 3 year old. He’s our little spartan and hunter gatherer. Our little master has shown huge interest in food especially his palate. He will always try something new like chalk and crayons. He also has a real liking of spicy foods, such as curries. He is our fabulous boy and whatever he decides to do when he grows up and becomes a man I will fully support. The worst thing he could ever tell me is that he is a vegetarian.
Mani is our first born. He is our 10 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. I think he has the biggest interest in food of us all. Mani is incredibly loyal. On walks he is always in position to guard our girls from dangers like oncoming dogs. He steps in front of the girls and flanks them at an angle protecting them from any threat. They say ” Man’s best friend ” in our house he is ” Family’s best friend “.

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  1. Hey Rob, It is your cousin here reading your blog. I am a foodie myself and love cooking. It must be in the Fitzgeralds blood;) I will be following you from now on and trying out your recipes.

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